Although the animals entered in all four sections of the Stud Book vary in size and substance, all show evidence of their common ancestor, the Welsh Mountain Pony.

The best inherit the strong constitution, good bone, courage, activity and equable temperament that has led to worldwide renown.

It is therefore not surprising that they are in such demand for crossing with other breeds, and there is a Welsh Part-Bred Register for horses, cobs and ponies whose breeding shows not less than 12.5% of Registered Welsh blood.

The Welsh Part Bred Horse

The Welsh Part Bred Horse is proven as a top class performance and show animal, is over 148cms and has a minimum of 12.5% registered Welsh blood.

What leading breeders and riders think:

“..there is little to approach the Welsh breeds as the basis for competition horse production”
Capt. E Hartley-Edwards

“They have the movement and character to work in all spheres”
Jennie Loriston-Clarke.

“They have a lot of presence and are very good rides; I’m happy to have horses with Welsh blood”
Robert Oliver.

“They are a useful foundation, when mated with a TB, to breed and event horse”
Sam Barr

“I don’t mind a strain of Welsh blood in an event horse, their character and native cleverness are great strengths”
Rodney Powell

In association with the Society, The Welsh Part Bred Horse Group promotes and highlight their breeding. As their registration and successes continue to grow, it currently offers breeders, owners, riders and enthusiasts the following core services:

an annual Affiliated Performance Awards Scheme a new Dedicated Website with news, views and free advertising constant Promotion and Publicity of achievements and success.

Group Chairperson: Robert Jones
Tel: 029 2069 3839. E mail:

Awards Coordinator:Judith Powell 01600 780228
Publicity & Promotion: Liz Ballinger 01633 681023

Part-Bred Ponies

Welsh Pony blood is eagerly sought for outcrossing with Arabs, Thoroughbreds, Hackneys and Polo Ponies. To these established breeds, the infusion of the Welsh blood has given the resultant offspring stamina, a strong constitution, superb bone, courage and the ability to tackle any task.

The Welsh Pony is blessed with a superb temperament and acknowledged as the most beautiful and aristocratic of all native ponies. It provides the greatest pony outcross that the equestrian world has known. It is therefore little wonder that the Welsh Part-Bred Pony has achieved so much in the pony world.

Welsh Part-Breds have a minimum of 12.5% registered Welsh blood in their parentage, which can come from the sire, the dam, or both. For example, it can come from crossing two ponies which each have 12.5% Welsh blood, or from any other combination which ensures the 12.5% minimum is met. Welsh Part-Breds have no restriction on colour, unlike Pure-Bred Welsh Ponies and Cobs, where piebalds and skewbalds are debarred.

You never outgrow a Welsh Part-Bred Pony for pleasure, fun and competition!


The Welsh Part-Bred Pony has been popular for very many years. The value of Welsh blood as an important ingredient in breeding ponies has been recognised for many generations. So much so, that the Welsh Pony & Cob Society formally recognised the Welsh Part-Bred when it incorporated a Welsh Part-Bred register as an appendix to the Welsh Stud Book in 1960. Researchers even tell us that as far back as Roman times, Julius Caesar recognised the value of Welsh Ponies when he used them as replacements for his chariot work.

Competitions and Shows

Wherever there is an equestrian activity, there will always be a Welsh Part-Bred Pony to be found. They excel at dressage, eventing, show jumping, cross-country, scurry and FEI driving, or Prince Phillip Games. At all Pony Club activities, it will be the Welsh Part-Bred Pony which is not only the most popular, but also the most successful, no matter what it is asked to do

Many Shows organise classes for Welsh Part-Bred Ponies – these include in-hand, ridden, working hunter and driving classes. Welsh Part-Breds are often found contesting major open Championships, usually with great success. Owning a Welsh Part-Bred Pony gives you more classes to enter and more chances of taking home the rosettes!

Many pony owners have recognised the value of the Welsh Part-Bred and taken them to the very top. Others recognise them for their worth as fun-loving ponies to share with family and friends. Credit for the success of the Welsh Part-Bred must go to breeders who have shown the wisdom of selecting the Welsh Pony to produce the ultimate, all-purpose, crossbred pony.

Some Major Achievements

Scurry Driving Ponies of the Year
Show Pony of the Year
Show Hunter Pony of the Year
In Hand Pony of the Year
Supreme Pony of the Year
Lead Rein Pony of the Year
First Ridden Pony of the Year
Supreme Royal International
British Driving Society Champion
The Welsh Part-Bred Pony is your true all-rounder.

The attributes of the Welsh Part-Bred has the hallmark of success!

More Information

The Welsh Part-Bred Pony Group promotes Welsh Part-Bred Ponies and offers special awards and rosettes in various disciplines. Contact

Mrs Jocelyn Price
Courtway Pony Stud
Hay on Wye
Phone: 01497 820555


David Blair
Waxwing Farm
Phone/Fax: 01383 851732


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