2017 Halloween Show Schedule


Halloween show being held on Sunday 29th October 2017

at Connelhill Equestrian Centre, Randalstown.

Classes will commence at 9.30am Sharp.

Inhand –

  1. Youngstock

  2. M & M Small breeds

  3. M & M Large breeds

  4. Part bred

  5. Cob

Inhand Championship

Ridden –

  1. Family pony lead rein (under 6)

  2. Family pony first ridden (under 10)

  3. Family pony ridden

Family Pony Championship

  1. Lead rein (sp/sh/ m&m)

  2. 10. First ridden ( sp/ sh/ m&m)

  3. Part bred ridden

  4. Show Hunter up to 153cm

  5. Show Pony up to 148cm

  6. Coloured Pony

Pony Championship

  1. Ridden cob

  2. Ridden horse

  3. Coloured horse

Horse Championship

  1. M & M Lead rein

  2. M & M First ridden

  3. M & M Small breeds

  4. M & M Large breeds

M & M Championship

  1. Fancy Dress

Working Hunter – Qualifiers for Nothern Ireland Festival

  1. Mini Cradle Stakes, riders under 10years                40cm

  2. Cradle Stakes, riders under 12years 60cm

  3. Starter Stakes, riders under 14years 70cm

  4. M & M Small breeds 70cm

  5. 133cm Working Hunter Pony 80cm

  6. M & M Large Breeds 80cm

  7. 143cm Working Hunter Pony 90cm

  8. 153cm Working Hunter Pony 100cm

  9. Small Working Hunter 80cm

  10. 80cm Horse Working Hunter 80cm

  11. 90cm Horse Working Hunter 90cm

  12. 1mtr Horse Working Hunter 100cm

  13. 1.10mtr Horse Working Hunter 110cm

Working Hunter Championship


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